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73rd Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics

Jul 23, 2017

University of St Andrews, Scotland, 23rd July to 5th August 2017
The topic of the 73rd Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics will be gravitational wave astronomy.  The School will be held in St Andrews, Scotland, from 23rd July to 5th August 2017.  SUSSP was established in 1960  to "contribute to the dissemination of advanced knowledge (in Physics) and the formation of contacts among scientists from different countries" through annual summer schools of the highest international standard.

REGISTRATION (link is external) IS NOW OPEN!

Please register here (link is external).

The cost for the School, including accommodation at St Salvators' Hall, all meals and activities and School dinner, is £1300 at the early bird rate until 9th June 2017, and £1500 thereafter until registration closes on 30th June 2017. Please send any enquiries to (link sends e-mail)

The themes to be covered during the School are:

  • General Relativity and gravitational waves;
  • Astrophysical sources;
  • Gravitational wave detection (ground and space based);
  • Data analysis;
  • Multi-messenger astrophysics.

We have assembled world-renowned experts in these fields to provide content on these themes, building up to the very latest understanding in gravitational wave science at this incredibly exciting time.

The aim of the School is to provide a congenial setting for early career scientists to learn from the foremost experts in the field on the latest advances in astronomy using gravitational wave observations, and to hold discussions on the future directions of the field.  There will be a mix of lectures and interactive discussion/problem solving sessions.  These will provide stimulating content covering the broad field of gravitational waves: from theoretical description to details of detectors, and analysis of data.  Each topic will be delivered starting at an intermediate level and finishing at the very latest understanding.
The School will be held in the historic coastal town of St Andrews, Scotland, and will include excursions to help refocus the minds.
There will be sessions on general interest topics such as influencing government policy, performing effective outreach and generating impact from your research which will be led by engaging and expert presenters.  These will be tailored to be particularly relevant to those working in the field of gravitational waves.
Cost for the School will be £1300. This includes:

  • Full accommodation
  • All meals and tea/coffee breaks (packed lunch for the weekend excursions)
  • All excursions
  • Conference dinner, to be held in the Lower College Hall
  • Conference Ceilidh, to be held in the Upper College Hall

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