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Ultra-compact binaries

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Ultra-compact binaries

Signal strength of the millions of Galactic binaries. Credit: Radboud University

Reduced Time Stream Signal

The ultra-compact binaries working group consists of astronomers and physicists interested in studying binary stars in the Milky Way using gravitational wave and electro-magnetic observations.

The working groups collects the current knoweledge based on traditional astronomical data on binary stars with white dwarf, neutron star and black hole components in the Milky Way that will be LISA sources. At the same time, the working group aims to establish what science will become possible when this data will be combined with gravitational wave data by developing data analysis methods and applying them to simulated data.

The current activities will be focused on writing a comprehensive review of the science of ultra-compact binaries with LISA to be published in Living Reviews in Relativity.

All interested scientists are welcome to join the working group by applying to the consortium and then for WG membership. Once you are a registered scientist, you can go to your account and use the Apply for Working Group button at the top to access the list of available WGs.

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