What is the LTPDA Toolbox

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The LTPDA Toolbox is a MATLAB® Toolbox designed for the analysis of data from the LISA Technology Package (part of the LISA Pathfinder Mission). However, the toolbox can be used for any general purpose signal processing, and is particularly useful for analysis of typical lab-based experiments.

The Toolbox implements accountable and reproducible data analysis within MATLAB®.

With the LTPDA Toolbox you operate with LTPDA Objects. An LTPDA Object captures more than just the data from a particular analysis: it also captures the full processing history that led to this particular result, as well as full details of by whom and where the analysis was performed.

Features of the LTPDA Toolbox

The LTPDA Toolbox has the following features:

Note   LTPDA Repositories are external to MATLAB and need to be set up independently.

Expected Background for Users


This documentation assumes you have a basic working understanding of MATLAB. You need to know basic MATLAB syntax for writing your own m-files.

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