Getting Started with the LTPDA Toolbox

Welcome to LTPDA!

LTPDA provides a framework for doing object-oriented data analysis. LTPDA objects can represent typical data structures needed for data analysis, for example, time-series data or digital filters. These objects can then flow through a data analysis pipeline where at each stage they record the actions. The output objects of a data analysis pipeline therefore contain a full history of the processing steps that have been performed in reaching this point. This history can be view to allow others to understand how results were arrived at, but it can also be used to recreate the result.

What is the LTPDA Toolbox? Overview of the main functionality of the Toolbox
System Requirements Supported platforms, MATLAB versions, and required toolboxes.
Setting up MATLAB to work with LTPDA Installing and editing the LTPDA Startup file.
Starting the LTPDA Toolbox

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