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This table summarizes what's new in Version 2.4:

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This version of LTPDA is 2.4. This document lists the changes since V2.3.1.

This version requires MATLAB 2010a or above

The main focus of this release has been on code optimisation to improve execution speed and to aid in maintainability. There have also been some fairly major changes to the toolbox, so keep reading to find out what they are! In addition, a significant number of bugs and change requests have been addressed.

New features and major changes

Extension modules

LTPDA now supports 3rd party extension modules. See the LTPDA user manual for details how to build and install extension modules.

Note: this is now the supported way to add your own-built in models to LTPDA. The old scheme of adding directories in the LTPDA preferences is no longer supported and has been removed. Users with their own built-in models should build an extension module and move the models in to the extension module. The user manual explains where to put them.

Saving and loading AOs


LTPDA preferences has new panel for configuring the default look of plots

Logical AOs

AOs now accept logical values for construction and we have some new logical logical operators (see below).

Plotting AOs

ao/iplot now has a new plist key for overriding the default legend font size 'LegendFontSize'. You can also include object descriptions in the legend by setting the corresponding preference is set in LTPDAprefs.

ao/iplot The use of the 'xmaths', 'ymaths', and 'zmaths' parameters is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

Error propagation

More AO methods now propagate errors: ao/scale, ao/power, ao/mtimes, ao/mrdivide.

Matrix constructors

We have some new constructors for the matrix class:

matrix(plist('values', ..., 'names', ..., 'yunits', ...))
matrix(doubleArray, cellArray)

New Class Methods

Removed methods

Some LTP-specific methods have been removed and moved in to extension modules.

The following were all moved to the LPF_DA_Module extension module:

Other methods removed which were deprecated in previous releases:

Multiplying matrices of AOs

Given two matrices of AOs, the inner multiplication operator has changed from a matrix multiplication to an element multiplication.

M1 = [a1 a2; a3 a4]; % a# is an AO
M2 = [b1 b2; b3 b4]; % b# is an AO
M = M1*M2

then M(1) = a1.*b1 + a2.*b3

Method outputs

The output of some methods are now matrix objects and no longer vectors of AOs to make rebuilding work:

ao/rotate no longer supports the multiple output function call.

To retrieve the AOs from inside the matrix object in a 'history safe' way, use matrix/getObjectAtIndex.

matrix/det no longer returns a matrix object, but instead an object of the same class as the inner objects.

Smodel class has new properties

The xvals field is now always a cell-array of vectors

The properties aliasNames and aliasValues can be used to defines variable aliases which are then used in the model expression.

The trans field usage is depracted in favour of setting an alias.

Changes to evaluating smodel and pest object

The smodel/double method has been harmonized with Matlab double: the values for the independent variables x must now be vectors of double, and they must be set before the call to the method, that now has no parameters.

The smodel/eval method has been changed to build the output AO is built from the smodel, based on these parameters:

As a consequence, the pest/eval method has been modified. If the user input the independent variable values XDATA within aos, their 'y' field will be used if not otherwise specified. This is different from previous versions of the Toolbox. Furthermore, if the user input the independent data XDATA within aos, the output data type will be of the same type.

Built-in model format

The format of built-in models was completely written to allow a more flexible versioning of models. You can build new-style built-in models using the utility utils.models.makeBuiltInModel(). See the documentation for more details.

ssm class user-interface

The user interface of some ssm class methods was simplified and changed. As such, some old usages may no longer work. Please consult the relevant method help if you encounter any problems.


Default detrending order in ao/detrend was changed from 0 to 1 to match the corresponding MATLAB detrend behaviour.

Other Minor Changes of Note

MANTIS Issues Resolved

Issue Type Decription
0000529Bug ReportLTPDAPrefs GUI not reading the .dot file location
0000528Bug ReportRebuilt library does not become live until the workbench is restarted
0000527Bug Reportinconsistency in AO cdata/xydata class for handling logicals.
0000525Bug ReportError message: ??? Operands to the || and && operators must be convertible to logical scalar values. Error in ==> param.getVal
0000518Bug Reportpzmodel help/documentation
0000516Bug ReportProblem with default preferences being written on first use
0000515Bug Reportao/transpose not working for cdata aos
0000513Bug Reportao/join with data not in sequence
0000512Change RequestFFT/IFFT unit conventions and scaling
0000508Change RequestMake the parameter overview table editable.
0000507Change RequestFIlter by key the parameter overview table
0000506Bug ReportLength of the pipeline name is not updated upon pipeline renaming
0000503Change RequestDon't limit the loading of ASCII files to .txt and .dat
0000502Bug ReportLoading single column ascii files
0000501Bug ReportArithmetic operations on frequency-series
0000498Bug ReportLTPDAworkbench/reset has a bug in V2.3
0000497Bug ReportRemove all mention of non-user classes from the user manual
0000496Bug ReportSpecifying multiple values for 'Xunits' key of ao/iplot
0000495Bug Reportltpda_filter/impresp has fixed sample rate.
0000488Bug ReportProblem with ltpda_startup and LTPDARepositoryManager
0000487Bug ReportJava error choosing repository
0000486Bug ReportOriginal wb filename is stored inside pipelines
0000485Bug ReportResize the library tree when gui is maximized
0000481Bug Reportao/submit fails to create meta data.
0000480Bug ReportThe Web interface on objmeta table shows: validation, validation date and author , the datail page shows only 2
0000478Bug ReportRetrieving objects from database, when not specifying completely hostaname, database, username
0000476Bug ReportCannot change the size of the pipeline window
0000474Bug Reportssm/kalman: parameter 'select' is of wrong type.
0000473Bug Reportssm/simulate: field AOS default value lacks a left square bracket.
0000470Change RequestThe databases 'tsdata' table should also store the timezone of the 't0'
0000465Bug ReportKeyboard shortcut CTRL+O does not work.
0000460Bug Reportno plot is available with frequency series with 1 point size
0000459Bug Reportno plot is available with time series with 1 point size.
0000458Bug ReportWeb repository interface generate wrong iplot.
0000458Bug ReportWeb repository interface generate wrong plot
0000457Bug Reportao.table doesn't show third column with xyz data.
0000447Bug Reportltpdareporobot error
0000444Bug ReportSubmitting 1 object with proc5 verbose i get submitting 2 objects to repository.
0000443Bug ReportAfter deleting a object the submit button is still enable
0000442Bug ReportInterpolation methods 4 resample and downsample.
0000438Bug ReportError changing model during execution
0000437Bug ReportAnnoying parameter editing issue
0000434Bug ReportAnnoying zoom problem
0000433Bug Reportmysql-connector-java-5.1.6-bin.jar is installed in two copies.
0000427Bug ReportUp arrow and down buttons don't work in execution plan form
0000426Bug ReportHitting cancel in the execution Plan panel the modified parameters are stored
0000424Bug ReportNullPointerException using PEST constructor.
0000421Bug Reportdelay prameter missing in pzmodel plist and is present in mfir from pzmodel
0000420Bug ReportAO built-in FreeDyn_1: suspicius error message.
0000417Bug ReportPole/Zero model editor: problem reading the value of a modified gain.
0000416Bug ReportIssues reading LISO files.
0000412Bug ReportWeb documentation: downsample, etc.
0000411Bug ReportSSM: some built-in models generate errors.
0000409Bug ReportPzmodel from parfrac conversion problem.
0000403Bug ReportPlot of different xunits.
0000401Bug ReportSome Ghost subsystem when iconize all command
0000390Bug ReportWarning should be given if plist contains parameters that are not applicable.
0000389Bug ReportJava error when opening the Char prefs of the annotation into the LTPDAWorkbench preferences
0000387Bug ReportThe relational operators do not mention the "exceptions" parameters in their help
0000381Bug Reportmiir.resp and filterbank.resp have different plists.
0000375Bug ReportError using the "include in legend" checkbox.
0000370Bug ReportSetting plotinfo marker stops execution and throws exception
0000360Change Requestsaving the submit info into a file
0000355Change RequestWe have two positions in the cvs where we store the jar files -> remove one.
0000354Bug ReportTwo different plots swapping inputs (sum function on x axis).
0000349Bug ReportWrong pipe creation when trying to create a pipeline from an input port and an object
0000339Bug ReportProblem with subsystem execution
0000333Bug ReportWrong error message when constructing a miir with fc [0.1 0.6] and fs 1.
0000327Bug ReportParfrac constructor ignores a parameter and does not show errors/warnings
0000301Bug ReportWe should not store the password of a connection that was refused because of wrong credentials
0000280Bug ReportDocumentation: some classes do not provide examples or information.
0000277Bug ReportWEB INTERFACE: graph shows wrong x-axis
0000258Change RequestProvide a way to load submission info fields from a simple text file.
0000245Bug Reportiplot labels/legends with real and complex objects
0000244Bug ReportProblem handling PORT choice
0000220Bug Reportthe operation remove output to MUX block or input to Demux Block are undoable
0000201Change RequestThe class filterbank needs a response method.
0000133Bug ReportCoefficients reported by ao/detrend are wrong
0000053Change Requestchange zDomainFit so that it returns the best paramters and not the last iteration.
0000027Change RequestUnits conversion to SI method.

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