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This table summarizes what's new in Version 2.5:

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This version of LTPDA is 2.5. This document lists the changes since V2.4.

This version requires MATLAB 2010a or above

The main focus of this release has been on improvements in time-series handling, bug fixing and underlying code improvements. In addition, the LTPDA repository underlying database structure has changed in this release, and the client-side functionality has been adapted to work with both the old repositories and new repositories. There have also been some fairly major changes to the toolbox, so keep reading to find out what they are! In addition, a significant number of bugs and change requests have been addressed.

New features and major changes

Class Diagram

Changes to time-series data handling

In previous versions of LTPDA, time-series AOs (which contain a tsdata object) had two degrees-offreedom for describing the absolute position of the data in time. These were the ‘t0’ property which was used to specify the absolute time of the first sample, and then value of the first x sample (for evenly sampled data, this was always 0). In this version of LTPDA the property ‘t0’ has a new meaning. Now it refers to a reference time and a new property has been added to the tsdata class which encodes the time between this reference time and the first x sample. As such, it is now possible to have two time-series which have the same reference time (the same ‘t0’) but which have their data actually starting at different absolute times. An example is depicted in the following diagram:


This toffset property is mostly handled automatically by the toolbox, but it is possible for the user to set this value using the ao/setToffset method. The following situations can occur:

To adapt to this change, the ao/timeshift method no longer behaves as it did. Instead, now it adjusts the toffset by the relative amount given. Note: This method does no fancy interpolation it just shifts the start time of the first sample by the given amount relative to t0.

For backwards compatibility, we do the following steps on saving and loading of objects:
- before saving, t0 = t0 + toffset
- after loading, t0 = t0 - toffset

This means objects created with older versions of the toolbox are handled as if the toffset is zero, and older versions of the toolbox should be able to read objects created with toolbox versions >= 2.5.

New class methods

Methods removed

Other Minor Changes of Note

MANTIS Issues Resolved

Issue Type Decription
0000555Bug ReportRobot does not generate plot for ao with data type 'fsdata'.
0000561Bug ReportPlot not generated for some of the fsdata type objects
0000536Change Requestmatrix wrappers for common ao methods
0000534Bug Reportiplot automatic ranging failing with two transfer functions
0000538Bug ReportsetFs does not update nsecs
0000552Bug ReportGnuplot interface uses Linux specific code to execute gnuplot, does not work on windows.
0000551Bug ReportThe wrong columns are plotted for data with error bars in gnuplot interface.
0000554Bug ReportMissing install.php
0000540Bug Reportsplit treats aos with and without .data.x vector differently
0000535Bug Reportao/convert doesn't retain units etc
0000548Bug Reportiplotyy() mixes up left and right y-axis labels/yunits
0000537Bug Reportiplotyy does not work
0000549Bug Reportlinewidths key for iplot not working
0000558Bug ReportErratic behaviour of split and consolidate
0000541Bug Reportconsolidate does not work as expected
0000556Bug ReportDefault value for marker size is too small
0000545Change Requestao(file,plist('type','tsdata','fs',fs,...) should automatically set xunits to s

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