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This table summarizes what's new in Version 2.6:

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This version of LTPDA is 2.6. This document lists the changes since V2.5.5.

This version requires MATLAB 2010a or above.

Main Changes

This version of LTPDA includes a vast number of speed improvements and bug fixes. In addition, the following significant changes are included in this release.

Function Handles

This release of LTPDA contains a first implementation of a new user-level class for creating LTPDA function handles. This class is called mfh and is somewhat similar to MATLAB function handles except that history is tracked.

Here are some example usages:

%% Simple function of x
f1 = mfh(plist('func', 'x.^2', 'inputs', {'x'}));
x1 = ao(12);
o1 = f1(x1);
%% Simple function of x and y
f2 = mfh(plist('func', 'x^2 + y^2', 'inputs', {'x', 'y'}));
x = ao(2);
y = ao(3);
o2 = f2(x, y)
%% chain functions
x = ao(2);
y = ao(3);
o4 = f2(f1(x), y)
%% Use constants
a = ao.randn(10,10);
c = ao(2);
f6 = mfh(plist('func', 'x + c.*x', 'inputs', 'x', ...
'constants', {'c'}, 'constant objects', c));
o6 = f6(a)
%% Nest functions
c = ao(2);
h1 = mfh(plist('name', 'myFunc', 'func', 'x.^2', 'inputs', {'x'}));
f5 = mfh(plist('func', 'myFunc(x) + c.*x', ...
'inputs', 'x', ...
'subfuncs', h1, ...
'constants', {'c'}, 'constant objects', c));
o5 = f5(a)

Algorithm Classes

There has been some work to implement what we call Algorithm Classes. That is, classes which are not associated with data, but instead implement an algorithm. You then create an instance of the algorithm and use it to process data. This is particularly sensible for complex algorithms because it allows us to keep the various utility functions and tests associated with the algorithm together in one class. This version of the toolbox includes the base class for these algorithm classes, ltpda_algorithm, and a new implementation of the MCMC algorithm as one of these classes. We maintain backwards compatibility for the most part by creating an using an MCMC object with the ao/mcmc method. Nonetheless, this was a large structural change so please report any strange behaviour.

Other Changes

New Methods

Deprecated and removed features

The following methods and features have been deprecated:

The following methods and features have been removed:

MANTIS Issues Resolved

Issue Type Decription
0000615Bug ReportCapacitive actuation models descriptions are wrong
0000606Change RequestImprovement to pipeline chainability
0000604Bug ReportBug in quicklook pipeline steps regarding the 'consolidated' subdir
0000619Change RequestPipelines should be allowed to retrieve data from multiple repositories/databases
0000631Change Requesteliminating Running simulate complete when display time is 'false'
0000635Change Requestao/split only accepts a single timespan
0000627Change Requestao/heterodyne should accept a 'split' / 'times' option
0000640Change Requestao.diff should support order higher than 1 for the '3point' case
0000639Bug ReportHash files for extension modules
0000598Bug ReportAO constructor from mat file doesn't set xunits
0000603Bug Reportao/plotSpectrogram not available
0000597Change Requestao/interp should accept an ao for the vertices
0000600Change Requestao/interp should accept AOs in input plist
0000596Change RequestSearching in plists
0000622Change RequestDisplay plist parameter properties
0000629Bug Reportao.linfit does not deal properly with data with no errors
0000616Bug Reportlinfitsvd.m is not dealing with units properly
0000614Bug Reportsubmit/bsubmit methods shoul also return UUID
0000620Change RequestIntroducing windowing for FFT
0000623Bug ReportIntegrate does not look after units properly
0000621Bug Reporttest_ltp_iof2acc does not work ...
0000618Change RequestSuppress output in ao/plot
0000602Bug Report3rd party extensions return error during ltpda_startup
0000611Bug ReportTimespan objects should be accepted as x-range specifier
0000613Bug ReportVectors of time objects: issue with minusv
0000612Bug ReportTimespan class needs a minus method
0000599Change RequestBode plots for unstable SSM systems
0000605Bug ReportClicking help on STOCEstimateAcc/estimate_acc raises error
0000617Change RequestAccessing param properties

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