Pole zero model representation

Creating a pole zero model

Let's build a pole zero model with the following characteristics:

Key Value




(f = 10 Hz, Q = 2)


(f = 1 Hz), (f = 0.1 Hz)

Our pole zero model has a pole at 10 Hz with a quality factor of Q = 2, and two zeros, one at 1 Hz, one at 0.1 Hz.

    m = pzmodel(5, [10 2], {1, 0.1})

We can easily obtain the response of this transfer function by using the pzmodel/resp method.


The result is the figure shown below.

Response of a pzmodel

About the quality factor Q

The quality factor notation comes from the mechanical analogy of the harmonic oscillator. In short, we can classify systems in terms of Q as

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