Method ao/downsample

  DOWNSAMPLE sample AOs containing time-series data down.
  DESCRIPTION: DOWNSAMPLE AOs containing time-series data. All other AOs with
               no time-series data are skipped but appear in the output.
               Note that no anti-aliasing filter is applied to the
               original data!!!
  CALL:        b = downsample(a, pl)      - use plist to get parameters
               b = downsample(a1, a2, pl) - downsample both a1 and a2;
                                            b is then a 2x1 vector.
  Parameters Description
  EXAMPLES:   1) downsample x4; offset is set to default of 0
                 >> pl = plist('factor', 4);
                 >> b  = downsample(a, pl);
              2) downsample x2 with 1 sample offset
                 >> pl = plist('factor', 2, 'offset', 1);
                 >> b  = downsample(a, pl);
Method Details
Access public
Defining Class ao
Sealed 0
Static 0

Parameter Description


no description
Key Default Value Options Description
FACTOR 1 none The decimation factor. Should be an integer.
OFFSET 0 none The sample offset used in the decimation.


plist('FACTOR', [1], 'OFFSET', [0])

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Some information of the method ao/downsample are listed below:
Class name ao
Method name downsample
Category Signal Processing
Package name ltpda
VCS Version 967b0eec0dece803a81af8ef54ad2f8c784b20b2
Min input args 1
Max input args -1
Min output args 1
Max output args -1
Can be used as modifier 1
Supported numeric types {'double'}

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