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May 23, 2013

We have come remarkably far using light of different spectrums as our tool for observing the universe. However, gravity is the engine behind the universe’s processes, and much of its action is dark.

The Gravitational Universe: A science theme addressed by the LISA mission observing the entire Universe

ESA has recently published a call for White Papers describing science themes for the next large ESA missions L2 and L3 to be launched in 2028 and 2034.

The LISA Consortium is convinced that a spaceborne low-frequency gravitational wave observatory to be launched in 2028 is the ideal tool to make progress in our understanding of the Universe and submitted today a White Paper describing the science case:

Many well known scientists are strongly supporting the LISA project. Stephen Hawking, Gerardus t´Hooft, George Smoot and many other scientists expressed their interest in LISA and encouraged the LISA Consortium to follow up the project.


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