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Postdoctoral Associate Positions in Theoretical Astronomy & Astrophysics at Northwestern

Nov 13, 2020

Northwestern University expects to offer postdoctoral associate positions in theoretical astronomy and astrophysics starting in fall 2021.
Application Deadline: Tuesday, December 1st 2020.

These positions will be part of the Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics (CIERA) at Northwestern. Successful applicants will benefit from interaction with a broad interdisciplinary group of researchers and will be immersed in a diverse and dynamic intellectual environment (learn more about CIERA’s programs and activities). CIERA researchers have exclusive access to two high-performance computer clusters, providing access to 1,344 compute cores. Additional HPC resources, including high-memory nodes, are available through Northwestern’s Quest cluster (see for more information). A dedicated Computational Specialist is also on staff to assist CIERA researchers.

Of particular interest this year are candidates who will work with:

Prof. Claude-André Faucher-Giguère on galaxy formation modeling (including cosmological simulations, star formation and stellar feedback, supermassive black hole growth and feedback, and IGM/CGM/ICM),
Prof. Vicky Kalogera on gravitational-wave data analysis and astrophysics, stellar structure and evolution, and interacting binary evolution, or
Prof. Sasha Tchekhovskoy on modeling compact object accretion and ejection in a wide range of astrophysical contexts (including compact object mergers, magnetic stellar explosions, gamma-ray bursts, X-ray binaries, ultra-luminous X-ray sources, tidal disruptions, and active galactic nuclei). Two postdoc positions are available in Tchekhovskoy's group, one of which focuses on the physics of neutron star accretion in collaboration with Kyle Parfrey and another on black hole accretion, broadly defined.

Please find here further information and how to apply: