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PhD and Research Associate Positions at UWA

May 10, 2019

Modernising School Science: the Einstein-First Project at University of Western Australia
Opportunity to join an exciting international education project for PhD or Masters by Research or as a Research Associate

There is worldwide recognition of the need modernize science education to make it consistent with the modern “Einsteinian” conception of space, time, matter, light and gravity. The Einstein-First project, funded by the Australian Research Council, will spend five years developing, testing and assessing an integrated Einsteinian curriculum. Primary and secondary school curricula will be trialed, tested and improved through longitudinal studies in partner schools; and teachers will be trained and assisted in presenting curriculum content.

We are seeking PhD and Masters students who have a background in physics, knowledge of both quantum physics and special and general relativity, and an interest in science communication, outreach and education. Research students will specialize in either Primary or Secondary or Teacher professional development, with projects focused on program delivery and/or program assessment.

Candidates for Research Associate positions are also being sought. These people will need to have expertise in education research, physics and mathematics, combined with teaching skills, leadership and ability to supervise research students. The appointees will be expected to write research papers and reports, and work with curriculum authorities.

In joining this project you will be helping to create a revolutionary new school curriculum that will be consistent with our modern understanding of the universe, and the modern technologies that have revolutionized our lives.

Research will be taking place in Perth and Canberra and at linked schools. Postgraduate positions can be supported at The University of Western Australia (UWA), Curtin University, and Australian National University. Students will need to separately enroll at one of these institutions according to discussions with team members. The project will be managed by UWA but researchers will be expected to spend some of their time at each of the lead universities.

Australian permanent residents need to satisfy entrance requirements for postgraduate enrolment which ideally will include ability to secure a scholarship at UWA or the other participating universities.

Non Australian residents will be liable for international student fees of $40k per annum. Exceptional students (top 5% category) with several international publications have the chance of securing an IPRS scholarship. Students outside of the top 10% category have little chance unless their research experience and publications are exceptionally well aligned with the project.

E/Prof. David Blair
M: 0409 687 703
E: David.Blair(at)

Prof. Li Ju
M: 0402 389 240
E: Li.Ju(at)