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GW-Radio Postdoc Position at ASTRON/University of Amsterdam, NL

Nov 22, 2018

Postdoctoral position on Radio transients and gravitational-wave events at ASTRON, the Netherlands institute for Radio Astronomy.
Application Deadline: Saturday, December 15, 2018.

ASTRON has recently started ARGO, the Apertif Radio – Gravitational wave Observatory. ARGO uses the novel, wide-field Apertif detectors we have recently commissioned to discover and study afterglow and prompt radio emission from gravitational-wave events. Through precise radio localizations, essential for our multi-frequency follow-up, we aim to shed light on the astrophysics driving these exotic events.

We are looking for a post-doc to help lead ARGO, with the potential to push forward the frontier of astrophysics.

You will spearhead the instrument design, commissioning, and scientific exploitation of ARGO. A background in radio astronomy is desirable, in imaging and/or time-domain. Experience with optical/multi-frequency follow-up of transients is a plus. In ARGO we respond, in real-time, to incoming GW triggers. You will oversee the design and implementation of the strategy behind this ARGO follow-up.

You will be a founding member of a team of about 8 staff, post-docs and students that design and run ARGO. Our team, led by Dr Joeri van Leeuwen, works closely with the other imaging and fast-transient groups for Apertif. We have strong ties to the University of Amsterdam, where the ARGO PhD students are primarily located. Our general interests range from binary neutron-star evolution and gravitational-wave detection, to HI in galaxies, to instrumentation and pulsar/fast transient searches.

Please find here further information and how to apply: