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A Second Higgs Doublet in the Early Universe: Baryogenesis and Gravitational Waves

Nov 17, 2016

Our work shows that a stochastic gravitational wave background from the electroweak (EW) phase transition detectable by LISA could allow for baryogenesis at the EW scale, and discuss the interplay of the two physical phenomena in the context of an extended Higgs sector (with two Higgs doublets).

We show that simple Two Higgs Doublet models still provide a viable explanation for the matter-antimatter asymmetry of the Universe via electroweak baryogenesis, even after taking into account the recent order-of-magnitude improvement on the electron-EDM experimental bound by the ACME Collaboration. Moreover we show that, in the region of parameter space where baryogenesis is possible, the gravitational wave spectrum generated at the end of the electroweak phase transition is within the sensitivity reach of the future space-based interferometer LISA.

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