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The Space Astrophysics Landscape for the 2020s and Beyond

Apr 01, 2019

The Space Astrophysics Landscape for the 2020s and Beyond in Potomac, Maryland, 01-03 April 2019

Announcement of a three-day symposium, facilitated by the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) entitled The Space Astrophysics Landscape for the 2020s and Beyond. The symposium is scheduled for April 1–3, 2019 at the William F. Bolger Center, 9600 Newbridge Drive, Potomac, Maryland, 20854.

Purpose and Scope
The purpose of this symposium is to provide the astrophysics community with a forum to hear and discuss science priorities, mission concepts, and enabling capabilities expected to be assessed by the upcoming Astro2020 Decadal Survey by the National Academies.


  • Science priorities and themes for the next decade and beyond (with a 20-year horizon)
  • Results from the four NASA-funded large mission concept studies (HabEx, LUVOIR, Lynx, and Origins Space Telescope), as well as other possible large (>$1B) mission concepts
  • Concepts for medium-sized, Probe-class missions (larger than Explorers and <$1B)
  • Relevant ground-based facilities and science goals (e.g., Multi-Messenger activities)
  • Major international missions currently planned for the same time frame
  • Updates on current missions expected to be operational in the next decade
  • Relevant major enabling capabilities including in-space assembly, satellite servicing, new NASA heavy lift and commercial launch vehicles, and exploration planning for lunar return and Mars
  • Possible commercial partnerships
  • Program balance considerations

Please find further details on the conference website: