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ICTS Summer School & Workshop on GW Astrophysics

May 11, 2020

Applications are invited for the ICTS summer school on gravitational-wave astronomy 2020, which will be held at the International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, TIFR, Bangalore from 11 to 22 May 2020. This year’s summer school will focus on the multimessenger modeling of compact binary mergers, involving four graduate-level courses on numerical relativity, numerical hydrodynamics, and the modeling of short gamma-ray bursts and kilonovae. The school is part of the annual ICTS summer school series on GW astronomy.

The school is meant for graduate students and young researchers working on gravitational-wave astronomy & astrophysics, and related fields. A small number of highly motivated advanced undergraduate/masters students (with the relevant background) will also be admitted. If you are interested, please apply online (deadline: Feb 28).

This year, the school will be followed by a two-week-long workshop (25 May - 5 June) that focuses on compact binary merger physics and multimessenger astrophysics. The workshop is meant for active researchers working on gravitational wave astronomy, astrophysics, and related areas. Applications are accepted through the same program portal (deadline: Feb 28).

Organizers of the ICTS Program on Gravitational-Wave Astrophysics 2020:
P. Ajith, K. G. Arun, Sukanta Bose, Bala R. Iyer, Resmi Lekshmi and B Satyaprakash

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