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Humboldt meets Leibniz

Jun 12, 2022

Will the twenty-first century be the age of optics? Will we be able to overcome the current limitations in designing and manufacturing optical devices at the microscale? Researchers will discuss these and other questions in an interdisciplinary and intergenerational context in Hannover. Initiated by Leibniz University Hannover, the new networking event will be held every two years focusing on a different topic each time. Under the slogan “Connecting Talents Across Generations” the event brings together Alexander von Humboldt award winners and young researchers from Germany and abroad. The programme encourages interaction and includes scientific forums as well as opportunities for sharing experiences, networking and discussing topics relevant to career development.


The event will address current research questions in Optics and Photonics. Over the past years, Hannover evolved into one of the most important science locations in the field of Optical Technologies and Gravitational Physics. In 2015, laser technology developed in Hannover enabled researchers to detect gravitational waves. With the Clusters of Excellence PhoenixD and QuantumFrontiers, Leibniz University Hannover stands for cutting-edge research and innovation.

Our daily life is shaped by optics and photonics – more than most people are aware of. Without optical technologies, there would be no cameras, no microscopes and no telescopes, but also no internet, no Instagram and no YouTube. Much of the potential from increasing digitalisation is still largely untapped. We are in the midst a transformation in the world of optical technologies, which could prove as significant as the step from analogue to digital electronics. The symposium will extensively explore theoretical and practical research in the field of optics and photonics. Among other topics this includes:

  • materials and metamaterials
  • material simulation
  • quantum optics and components
  • multiphysics simulation
  • laser and systems
  • optical imaging
  • metrology
  • manufacturing and control systems

Please find further information on the conference website: