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Typesort descending Videopreview Title Media Description Date
LPF - Team Effort LPF - Team Effort
May 23, 2013
Binary system (artist's impression) Binary system
May 27, 2013
Galaxy - NGC 1277 Galaxy - NGC 1277

Invisible gravitational trap: the centre of the NGC 1277 disk galaxy harbours a black...

Jun 10, 2013
Colliding Galaxies Arp 299 Galaxies - Colliding Arp 299

Arp 299 (also known as IC 694 and NGC 3690) is a pair of colliding galaxies...

Jun 26, 2013
EMRI - Waveform EMRI - Waveform

An EMRI waveform encodes information about the spacetime structure.

Jul 08, 2013
A data segment from pre-SOVT1.13
Dec 11, 2014
LPF scientific payload integration

While the LPF scientists continue preparing for LPF mission operations, the industrial...

Jul 23, 2015
ESA tracking antenna at in ESA tracking antenna Malindi

For the launch of LISA Pathfinder (LPF), the injection strategy imposed by the Vega ...

Oct 07, 2015
LPF oxidiser fuelling LPF oxidiser fuelling now complete

LPF Current Status: Oxider fueling now complete, next step is the hydrazine fueling....

Nov 05, 2015
LISA Pathfinder lift-off on Vega VV06 Liftoff of Vega VV06 carrying LISA Pathfinder

Liftoff of Vega VV06 carrying LISA Pathfinder on 3...

Dec 03, 2015