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LPF scientific payload integration

While the LPF scientists continue preparing for LPF mission operations, the industrial...

Jul 23, 2015
LPF - AEI Optical Bench Tests LPF - AEI Optical Bench Tests II

Before being declared spaceworthy, the LISA Pathfinder optical bench underwent a...

Jun 28, 2013
LISA Pathfinder Antonov at Cayenne Airport Transporting LISA Pathfinder to Kourou

The spacecraft, along with...

Oct 15, 2015
Vega VV06 upper composite being hoisted up to the top of the mobile gantry

LISA Pathfinder will test the fundamental technologies and instrumentation needed for...

Nov 20, 2015
Two Black Holes Merge into One

The collision of two black holes—an event detected for the first time ever by the...

Feb 15, 2016
University of Trento

New faculty of Engineering and Science building.

Jan 13, 2017
Prof. Dr. Samya Nissanke

Dr. Samaya Nissanke, assistant professor at the GRAPPA center of excellence at the...

Sep 12, 2019
Low-frequency gravitational-wave science with LISA
May 25, 2013
LISA sensitivity: PSD for the TDI X-Michelson combination


Jan 06, 2014
LISA sensitivity: PSD for the TDI X-Michelson combination + confusion noise


Jan 07, 2014