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Type Videopreview Title Media Description Date
Single EMRI signal (EMRI 132X)

Data from the Mock Data Challenge for a single Extreme Mass Ratio Inspiral (EMRI)...

Feb 18, 2013
Galaxy - NGC 1232 Galaxy - NGC 1232

This spectacular image of the large spiral galaxy NGC 1232 was obtained on September...

May 05, 2013
Fundamental physics: GW_Notes_04_fundamental_physics.pdf

GW Notes was born from the need for a journal where the distinct communities involved...

May 24, 2013
ICE Group ICE Group

A group of the Institute of Space Sciences, Spain (ICE).

Jun 24, 2013
ETH Zentrum, Main Building in the Raemistrasse ETH Zentrum, Main Building in the Raemistrasse

The ETH Zurich Main Building in Zentrum in the Raemistrasse.

Sep 12, 2013
Black Holes - Merging Black Holes - Merging

Numerical simulation of two inspiralling black holes that merge to form a new...

Nov 06, 2012
DA Spectrogram Data Analysis Spectrogram
May 01, 2013
Data Analysis Working Group Data Analysis
May 23, 2013
LPF - Simulated CR Splash LPF - Simulated CR Splash
Jun 12, 2013
LPF tested under space conditions

LISA Pathfinder at the IABG test facilities in Ottobrunn, Germany...

Jul 31, 2013