Version 2.9.4 LTPDA Toolbox Software

This table summarizes what's new in Version 2.9.4:

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This version of LTPDA is 2.9.4. This document lists the changes since V2.8.

This version requires MATLAB 2012b or above.

Known Issues


Main Changes

This version of LTPDA contains many under-the-hood improvements, particularly in the area of speed, and also some changes to the underlying data structures for analysis objects.

This version also includes changes to the plotting tools to adapt to the changes to the graphics objects in recent MATLAB versions.

It is now possible to submit and retrieve MATLAB figures to/from an LTPDA repository, assuming the figures are created using LTPDA plotting tools (like iplot, ao/plot).

Spectral estimation methods now automatically drop the first N samples (defined by the window function) from the resulting estimates as these samples are biased. This can be deactivated in the plist. See help ao/psd for example.

LTPDA now supports data types other than double() in AOs, and some methods properly treat these data types.


A number of changes made required us to change the minimum MATLAB installation requirements to

Software Version
MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
Signal Processing Toolbox 6.18
Symbolic Math Toolbox 5.9
Optimisation Toolbox* 6.2.1

New Methods

Changes to methods

MANTIS Issues Resolved

Issue Id Decription Status
881Java error in provenance when not connected to networkresolved
880Would like summaryReport method for ao and collection classesresolved
879ltpda_uo/setDescription does not apply empty valuesresolved
868ao/polyfit does not work as advertisedresolved
867ao/diff seems to work with option 3point but not w/ 2pointresolved
862logical operators should preserve data typeresolved
853Add retrieval by UUID to ltpda_uo/retrieve and retrieveFigureresolved
852Infrastructure to support alternative data typesresolved
851linfit and reference timeresolved
850iplotyy and iplotPSD do not support "figurenames" plist keyresolved
849ao/setY should accept cdata aoresolved
846Search window does not work in online helpresolved
831New MATLAB handles underscores better in legends etcresolved
828Error due to AO being too large ?resolved
827Method for converting between units, i.e., from 'm' to 'pm'resolved
820table method for timespansresolved
819isDataCompatible in ao.elementOp too strictresolved
817time/plot methodresolved
808strjoin not supported Matlab pre 2013aresolved
804Conversion to doubles for matrix of tsdata or fsdata AOsresolved
799isemptyunit method is neededresolved
797pzmodel/tomiir fails when called within methodresolved
796iplotyy has no time in data tooltipsresolved
793collection/removeObjectAtIndex method removes wrong objectresolved
792Failure to recognize plist parameters in iplot of frequency-series arrayresolved
788Requesting a 'setNames' method for colleciton objectsresolved
787Overload of mod() function for AOsresolved
778Bug in ao/toSI with prefixesresolved
777time string formatresolved
774Display of pest with large chainsresolved
772Better composite plistsresolved
768iplot for collection and matrix objectsresolved
764plist key warnings in utils.plottools.consolidatePlot(gcf)resolved
763pest/table output is mismatchedresolved
717t0 after spike cleaningresolved
709ao/integrate should have other methodsresolved
624matrix cross productresolved
391Make loading of ao faster or make loading of history optionalresolved ?

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