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This table summarizes what's new in Version 2.8:

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This version of LTPDA is 2.8. This document lists the changes since V2.7.1.

This version requires MATLAB 2011a or above.

Known Issues

On Mac OS X versions which use java 1.7 (on newer versions of MATLAB) there is an issue with the LTPDAprefs GUI when selecting paths of extension modules. There is a bug in the underlying java file-chooser widget which means there is an ‘Open’ button instead of a ‘Choose’ button. The result is that you can’t select a directory but must, instead, select a file (for example the .xml file in the extension) then delete the filename from the path before pressing the + button to add the extension.

Main Changes

This version of LTPDA contains many under-the-hood improvements, particularly in the area of speed, and also some changes to the underlying data structures for analysis objects.

In addition, a number of deprecated GUI tools (including the workbench) have been removed from this version. These have been unsupported for a few versions now, and continued maintenance is no longer possible. The user manual, and in particular, the training sessions, have been updated to reflect this. Some of the functionality pertaining to the repository interaction, has been grouped together into a single GUI called LTPDARepositoryQuery.

New Methods

Changes to methods

MANTIS Issues Resolved

Issue Type Decription
0000748Bug Reportiplot fails for bar plots
0000747Change Requestgiving a name to a figure
0000744Change RequestAn option in ao/consolidate not to be truncating to the shortest data set
0000737Change Request skip the printout of the error and units titles when these are empty.
0000732Change RequestGiving a 'name' to the window of an iPlot
0000731Bug Reportiplot not showing titles in fsdata plot
0000727Change RequestA search method for collection objects
0000726Change RequestA method to join/merge timespan objects
0000722Change RequesttoSI converts [Hz] into [s]
0000720Bug Reportwarnings from bin_data
0000719Change RequestRemove unused/old/broken GUIs
0000715Bug Reportbuilt-in model information only contains 1st version
0000714Change RequestshowErrors field in the plotinfo objects is ignored by ao.iplot
0000713Bug ReportThe plotinfo constructor via plist is incomplete
0000708Change Requestiplotyy should accept a parameter to change the axis range
0000707Bug Reportiplotyy should accept a vector of two objects
0000706Change Requestao.lincom should be implemented as a wrapper of ao/plus and ao/times
0000705Bug ReportBug division and multiplication uncertainty propagation
0000704Bug Reportao/linfit does overwrites dy in input aos
0000703Change RequestLack of GRS electrostatic built-in model parameters
0000702Bug ReportHetSegsFreqs does not fully support heterodyne with cuts
0000701Bug ReportPhi torque estimation uses wrong default parameters for stiffness
0000700Bug Reportao/spikecleaning leaves ao one sample short
0000699Change Requestaddvalue method missing
0000698Change RequestAn utility to fit spectra with polynomial low
0000697Bug ReportReview issue with ao/split
0000696Change Requesttimespan.toHtml method needed
0000695Change Requestao/split to match AOs
0000694Change Requestmissing ao/simplifyXunits
0000692Change Requestao class supporting specification via object supporting char
0000691Change Requestao.split should support an array of timespan objects
0000688Bug Reportstoc.misc.readExecutedTimeline crashes while reading 20131115_319_executed_timeline.txt
0000687Bug Reportheterodyne and pipe.heterodyne show inconsistent behaviour
0000684Change RequestRemove LTPDAWorkbench message handling from main toolbox
0000683Change Requestutils.const.msg function with no \newline needed
0000681Bug Reportparameter list help on plotIntervals do not work
0000680Change RequestImprove utils.helper.warn and .err
0000678Change Requestao.linfit could be implemented as a particular case of ao.polynomfit
0000677Bug Reportao.polynomfit errors for the case of no errors provided
0000071Change RequestCorrect behavior of 'procinfo'

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