Version 2.7 LTPDA Toolbox Software

This table summarizes what's new in Version 2.7:

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This version of LTPDA is 2.7. This document lists the changes since V2.6.1.

This version requires MATLAB 2010a or above.

Main Changes

This version of LTPDA contains many under-the-hood improvements, particularly in the area of speed, and also some changes to the underlying data structures for analysis objects. In addition, a new test infrastructure is under development which includes a significant number of new unit tests. As a result a large number of bug fixes have been made.

Copying Objects

In order to make deep copies of objects, users should now use the copy() method rather than the old (and confusing) copy constructor. So, instead of

a = ao.randn(10,1)
b = ao(a)

users should now do

b = copy(a)

History context

When tracking processing steps the ‘context’ in which the current command is executed is captured in the history structure. For example, it may capture the name of the script or pipeline being executed. In a later release this may be used to group history steps in the history tree displays.

Function handle objects

Function handle objects have a new property ‘transform’ where you can specify a single or a list of functions that should be applied to the input objects prior to evaluating the function.

New Methods

Changes to methods

LTPDA Repository Interaction

This version of the toolbox has some new utilities for querying LTPDA repositories from within MATLAB.

MANTIS Issues Resolved

Issue Type Decription
0000510Change RequestA possibility to specify the dy field of an ao without knowing its length
0000559Change RequestGive warning if negative samping rate is found.
0000625Change RequestMore matrix methods
0000642Change RequestPower operator for matrix objects
0000643Bug Reportao.setXunits rejects certain units
0000641Bug Reportiplot returns error if objects have no dependency information
0000658Bug ReportIplot does not work as documented / plotinfo objects overrule manual plot settings
0000656Change Requestao/search should warn of failure
0000660Change RequestA report method for get_data step of pipelines
0000662Change RequestWarnings about telemetry parameters alias
0000668Bug ReportApplying Yranges on multiple iplots
0000666Bug ReportManual is not accessible online
0000647Change RequestTest mode in retrieve in timespan
0000665Bug Reportao.polyfit does not calculate errors for the estimated coefficients
0000661Change RequestAn easy way to access names of LTPDApipeline telemetry parameters
0000659Change RequestRelease notes are not accessible/file is damaged
0000650Bug ReportMantis doesn't allow to select product version 2.6
0000664Change Requestpest class needs a y method
0000655Bug Reportiplot for aos from (older version) files is broken
0000653Bug ReportsimplifyYunits does not like kg and does not scale errors

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