Introduction to LTPDA extension modules

LTPDA can be extended through the use of the imaginatively named 'ltpda extension modules'. You can create your own extension modules (see section "LTPDA Extension Modules" of the ltpda user manual) and you can use extension modules provided by others. For this training session, you will need to install the LPF_DA_Module extension module. It can be downloaded from 'Extension Modules' section of the LTPDA website:

To install an extension module, follow these steps:

  1. Open the ltpda preferences by typing LTPDAprefs on the MATLAB terminal.
  2. Select the 'Extensions' tab.
  3. Click the 'Browse' button and navigate to the directory that contains the extension module on disk. For example, if you downloaded the extension module LPF_DA_Module to /path/to/my/extensions/LPF_DA_Module, then you need to select that LPF_DA_Module in the file browser. Alternatively you can simply type the path in the text field.
  4. Once the correct path to the module is in the text field, click the '+' button to add that extension module. If all is well, you should see some activity on the MATLAB terminal as LTPDA installs the various methods of the module.
  5. You should now type clear classes on the MATLAB terminal, or run ltpda_startup to complete the installation.

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