LTPDA is a MATLAB toolbox that uses an object-oriented approach to data analysis. LTPDA Objects are processed through a data analysis pipeline. At each analysis step, a record is kept of exactly what algorithm was applied to which object and with which parameters. In this way, the result of a particular data analysis is one or more objects, each containing the final result as numerical data together with a full processing history of how the result was achieved.

Latest version: V3.0.13 (requires MATLAB 2012b or above)

LTPDA includes algorithms and objects for

  1. pre-processing of time-series data
  2. performing spectral analysis of various kinds
  3. performing digital filtering via IIR and FIR filters
  4. constructing pole/zero models
  5. constructing state-space models
  6. and much more


This toolbox is being developed for use in the data analysis of the LISA Pathfinder Mission but can be, and is, used more widely.