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TeVPA 2021

Oct 25, 2021

First announcement from the local organisers of the TeVPA 2021 conference which will be online for international participants. A dedicated gravitational waves session is planned and there are invited speakers on gravitational wave topics.

After more than one year preparation and wait, TeV Particle Astrophysics 2021(TeVPA 2021), the 16th TeVPA conference will be held in Chengdu, China, from October 25 to 29 2021, hosted by Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Cosmic Ray Research Center in Tianfu New Area, Sichuan Province.

TeVPA in Chengdu, which was planned to be held in 2020, is postponed till this year because of COVID-19. The constraints on international travels are still effective, this conference will have to be organized in hybrid format, domestic participants attending onsite and international participants attending online. The onsite participants are welcomed to register for a visit to LHAASO site on Mt. Haizi (4410 m a.s.l), Daocheng, Sichuan Province after the conference.

The aim of TeVPA conference is to bring together scientists in the field to discuss the latest results and ideas, and prospects for progress in astroparticle physics.

For more details of TeVPA 2021, please see the website