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24th CAPRA Meeting

Jun 07, 2021

24th CAPRA Meeting on radiation reaction in general relativity,  June 7-11 2021 - online.

The Capra meeting is an annual workshop on the topic of radiation reaction in general relativity. The primary focus of these workshops is the development of self-force techniques to model extreme mass ratio inspirals and further our understanding of the two-body problem in General Relativity. This is done in synergy with other well known modeling techniques such as post-Newtonian theory and numerical relativity. The canonical example of an extreme mass-ratio Inspiral (EMRI) is the inspiral of a stellar-mass compact object into a supermassive black hole. Gravitational waves from these systems are a promising target for the future space-based detector LISA, which is currently scheduled to launch in 2032 by the European Space Agency with NASA. The study of radiation reaction and self force is not limited to EMRIs, and a range of topics and applications to other areas of gravitational physics have been discussed at past Capra meetings; an example is the scattering of massive particles, which is currently of active interest. The format of the meeting will be an amalgamation of short contributed talks, (organized) discussion sessions and a daily invited review talk. Given the current pandemic, the conference will take place online. Following the Capra tradition, there will be no registration fee.

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