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Postdoc Position in GW Theory at Nikhef

Oct 11, 2019

The gravitational physics group at Nikhef invites applications for a postdoctoral research position in gravitational wave theory with an emphasis on the numerical and analytical modeling of  binary neutron star and neutron star-black hole coalescences.
Deadline for application: November 22nd, 2019.

Nikhef is the national institute for subatomic physics in The Netherlands. At Nikhef, approximately 175 physicists and 75 technical staff members work together on theoretical and experimental research in the fields of particle- and astroparticle physics. Nikhef includes a collaboration between 6 major Dutch universities and the Nikhef research institute.

The successful candidate will be part of the team of data analysts and phenomenologists led by Prof. Dr. C. Van Den Broeck and Dr. S. Caudill, which currently consists of 4 postdocs and 4 PhD students and will grow substantially over the next year. In addition, the gravitational physics division at Nikhef (led by Prof. F. Linde) has close ties with gravitational wave researchers at universities and institutes across the Netherlands, which apart from instrumentalists includes astronomers, astrophysicists, and theorists, such as Baumann, Bertone, Groot, Hinderer, Jonker, Levan, Moesta, Nelemans, and Nissanke. There is also vibrant collaboration with individuals and groups around the world.
The successful candidate has a PhD in particle physics and/or theoretical physics and is expected to interact with data analysts as well as to supervise PhD students.

Further information can be obtained from Prof. Dr. C. Van Den Broeck (vdbroeck(AT)

Please find here full information and how to apply: