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Albert Einstein Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein in front of a blackboard, photographed by Ferdinand Schmutzer in 1921...

Jun 21, 2013
LPF - Flight Optical Bench LPF - Flight Optical Bench Integration

The Flight Optical Bench ready for integration into the LISA Pathfinder Technology...

Jun 27, 2013
LPF optical bench prepared for integration into core assembly 2

The LPF optical bench is being prepared for integration into core assembly.

Sep 01, 2013
Imaging System Investigations for LISA

Gravitational wave signals measured by LISA will be superimposed by noise from various...

Nov 06, 2014
LISA Pathfinder Orbit LISA Pathfinder Orbit

LISA Pathfinder will be launched into a geostationary transfer orbit. From there, it...

Mar 18, 2015
LPF scientific payload integration

While the LPF scientists continue preparing for LPF mission operations, the industrial...

Jul 23, 2015
The An-124 carrying LPF arrives at Kourou LISA Pathfinder arrives at Kourou

LISA Pathfinder has arrived at Cayenne Airport at Kourou in French Guiana,...

Oct 08, 2015
Nov 18, 2015
Investigating Gravity

In the modern era (from about 1500 onwards), the scientific investigation of gravity...

Jan 22, 2016
LISA Pathfinder performance

At the heart of the spacecraft, two identical, 2 kg, 46 mm gold–platinum cubes are...

Oct 07, 2016