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DPC Data Processing Centre

LISA Mission

DPC Data Processing Centre

Powerful computer clusters are necessary to process and analyze the detector data. Credit: AEI/MM

Computer cluster

During the 5 years of the survey, LISA will collect and process terabytes of data using thousands of CPUs. The DPC (Data Processing Centre) will provide the hardware and software infrastructure and means to store and process those data.

In strong interaction with the Data Analysis Groups (DAGs), the DPC will implement, execute and control the data analysis pipelines and deliver the scientific products (such as catalogs of identified gravitational waves) to the consortium.

To do so, it's main focus will be on developing tools to support:
- software development, test and validation
- pipeline integration and deployment on computing infrastructures
- data management, tracing and archiving
- simulation activities

If you already joined the LISA community, you can connect to our DPC prototype.